Luxion, Onshape Partner for KeyShot Connection

Luxion, Onshape Partner for KeyShot Connection

Luxion, a provider of rendering and lighting technology, has released the KeyShot Connection for Onshape. This plug-in lets users make photorealistic renderings and animations of their Onshape documents.

The integration enables users to connect to their Onshape account from inside KeyShot, share Onshape documents with any changes and update files without losing any material, lighting or animations set up in KeyShot.

To access the capability within KeyShot, an option for “Connect to Onshape” is added to the menu after installation. While browsing, Part Studio or Assembly is selected and brought into KeyShot with the click of a button, with the model structure, part and assembly names all maintained. (KeyShot Pro adds the ability to import NURBS data for perfectly smooth, rounded surfaces.) After materials, environments and textures are added in KeyShot, the scene may be saved and uploaded directly to an Onshape Document for others to make updates.

“With the growth of Onshape and request for Onshape support from KeyShot users, we are pleased to partner with them for the introduction of the Onshape App Store,” says Thomas Teger, VP of Products and Strategy at Luxion. “This confirms with us that more 3D professionals are interested in mobile solutions with the ability to create high-quality visuals of their 3D data quickly.”

For more information, visit Luxion and Onshape.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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