SimForDesign Available on Onshape App Store

SimForDesign Available on Onshape App Store

Fidesys, a provider of FEA (finite element analysis) tools, has added its SimulationForDesign solution to the Onshape App Store. This gives Onshape users more access to cloud CAE capabilities, allow them to examine parts performance throughout the design process.

With this integration, SimForDesign offers linear stress analysis directly within Onshape. Because SimForDesign operates in the cloud, users also do not have to worry about computational resources required for analysis — SimForDesign allocates everything automatically. Unlike in other cloud simulation services where users might pay for astronomical (real) hours, the SimForDesign billing system is very simple and straightforward basing usage on the actual CPU time, not the time spent setting up a simulation, the company states.

The Onshape App Store is currently in beta, but users can request access.

For more information, visit Fidesys.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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