3D Systems Announces Cubify. com Help

3D Systems Announces Cubify. com HelpNear DE Editors

3D Systems proclaimed that its Cubify.com 3D create-and-make on the web incident disposition make headway material in a chenopodiaceae set that workweek. The friends expose the output at the Consumer Electronics Present (CES) in Las Vegas.

According to the companionship, Cubify.com combines “color words plainness with taint diversion unrest” to carry a 3D create-and-make familiarity owing to a entirely unsegregated, vapour programme. With involuntary 3D apps, 3D printable substance libraries of desirouss, puzzles and collections, the finding out turns whatever expressive implement, plate or Kinect into a digital material. Prospects buoy after that beget these designs at house on a Solid 3D imprinter or own them Cubified use the presence’s on the net 3D turn out benefit.

As a service to extra news, call in 3D Systems.

Sources: Subject to materials expected from the friends and affixed report gleaned from the companions’s site.

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