3D Systems Announces Geomagic Solutions

3D Systems Announces Geomagic Solutions

3D Systems declared the inaugurate of its united design-to-manufacturing package tools subordinate to its Geomagic Solutions variety, union the attendance’s mirror technology tools by the side of with its habitual Blackguard, heart and soul automatic once-over and authentication package, and its tactile modelling. Geomagic Solutions includes a voxel-based modeller that is 3D printer-ready.

“We are thrilled to re-shape the engineers’ background with amusement dynamic design-to-manufacturing tools that transport enhanced crop and embedded manufacturability,” alleged Theologiser Hur, v.p. and public superintendent, 3D Systems Geomagic Solutions. “We are attached to purvey ideal fortify representing our creative and existent outcomes, ensuring our customers’ lastingness and unsurpassed all-embracing participation.”

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Sources: Exert pressure materials normal from the attendance and more news gleaned from the associates’s site.

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