Acer F2 Servers Fortify Fresh Intel E5 Processors

Acer F2 Servers Fortify Fresh Intel E5 ProcessorsBy way of DE Editors

Acer has updated its F2 attendant underscore to brace the up-to-the-minute Intel Xeon processors E5 next of kin, and has swollen its duty portfolio and direction tools to contribute greater resilience.

The fresh upshot designs quality Intel’s Xeon notebook E5 next of kin of CPUs, which accommodate equal to in two the discharge certainly benchmarks, and set ogdoad cores per Mainframe.

The unique servers present the very site of measure direction tools (Astute Set of connections, Sharp Calm, Quick-witted Wine waiter Overseer and Astute Consolidation Haversack) and boost the toolset with specified features as god-forsaken BIOS/code updates and powerfulness monitoring. Acer has as well coeducational a knowledge managing instrument apparatus as an addition bourgeoning in favour of its private Sharp Wine waiter Forewoman. That unforced trait enables venture and datacenter customers to scud cause capping commands beyond Acer servers via a unchangeable programme to certain apiece tool is providing the near most advantageous power-performance required in behalf of mission-critical applications.

On extra knowledge, call in Acer.

Sources: Exert pressure materials traditional from the fellowship and appended data gleaned from the companions’s site.

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