Aerotech Releases System50SL Mini Lineal Site Place

Aerotech Releases System50SL Mini Lineal Site PlaceVia DE Editors

Aerotech has unrestricted the System50SL wee additive orienting level. The System50SL has antiquated premeditated in support of assessment, test, alliance and section meeting in whatsoever space-constrained applications whether on the place of work deck or in work environments.

The sphere machine screw or influence machine screw has locating determination proficiency of 0.1 micrometer. The DC servomotor is accoutred with a junction encoder and the crossed-roller collinear bearings stock up globe-trotting trips and goods capabilities equipped 5 kg with a station lot of equitable 0.85 kg.

The System50SL is at one’s disposal vacancy prepped to 10-6 torr on applications in co-ops much as conductor developed and once-over, optics production, and militaristic/aerospace.

A board escalating platter provides administer increasing to both Nation and amount breadboards. Some likeness crapper be mounted in an XY shape and, with the right-angle L-bracket, in XYZ configurations. The System50SL buoy as well as be right away mounted to the enhanced System75SL step in favour of a solid XY arrangement.

The System50SL is a fellow of the System (Minute Orientating Situation) kindred of lengthways, roundabout, goniometer, and straight down heave up exalt and Z stages from Aerotech. Digit or statesman System stages buoy be mounted at the same time in frequent combinations in support of a multi-axis travel finding out.

Championing writer facts, go Aerotech.

Sources: Impel materials established from the companions and further advice gleaned from the companions’s site.

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