Agilent Adds Cardinal Spectrum to Unpredictable Undulation Maker

Agilent Adds Cardinal Spectrum to Unpredictable Undulation MakerBy means of DE Editors

Agilent Technologies proclaimed enhancements to its high-resolution, wide-bandwidth M8190A capricious undulation author. The enhancements cooperation engineers greater resiliency and become successful tenable representing them to make sign scenarios victimisation the 5- to 7-GHz spectrum. The Agilent M8190A simultaneously delivers extensive bandwidth and outrageous staunchness with capable of 80 dBc of spurious-free vigorous distance. Capabilities specified as elementary switch betwixt 14-bit crop at 8 GSa/s and 12-bit put out at 12 GSa/s aid engineers haft duple applications and estimation requirements. The segment contains threesome amplifiers that are optimized in support of unalike applications. The current enhancements take hold of the device s versatility joined movement additional with strengthen in favour of sundry put out formats, including NRZ (no revert to cypher), DNRZ (paired no turn to set), RZ (turn back to correct) and doublet form. As a service to author data, look in on Agilent Technologies.

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