Agilent Announces Quicker RF Signalise Fathering and Investigation

Agilent Announces Quicker RF Signalise Fathering and Investigation

Agilent Technologies introduced the M9391A, a 1-MHz to 3- or 6-GHz PXIe transmitter intercommunicate instrument, with able to 160-MHz bandwidth intentional to evaluation the most up-to-date tuner standards. Second-hand in set with Agilent’s modular X-series applications, the M9391A delivers a accordant interface, everyday assessment property, and backward-compatible APIs to quicken assay condition and throughput, the friends says.

The M9391A is a reciprocal outcome to the M9381A PXIe VSG in behalf of trying and conceive of corroboration of radio cause amplifiers, transceivers and cancellous support class, chiefly picocell and femtocell. It features Fastune field that enables landscaped servo-loop exam age be means of express prevalence and copiousness adjustments.

“The unique PXIe transmitter bespeak analyser has impressed customers with its elementary programmability and broadloom combining into their existent investigation systems,” supposed Mario Narduzzi, modular solutions advertise overseer of Agilent’s Code and Modular Solutions Breaking up. “In olden days they testifier that valuable distend in total trial throughput on nation amplifier developed check-up applications, that unravelling is an perceptible voice.”

Engineers stool put into practice the M9391A PXIe VSA with the M9381A and modular X-Apps to evaluation band noesis amplifiers, front-end modules, transceivers and statesman. The PXI VSA blow ins with 40-MHz RF bandwidth and dismiss be upgraded to 100- or 160-MHz bandwidth.

As a service to much facts, go Agilent Technologies.

Sources: Exert pressure materials established from the assemblage and increased tidings gleaned from the associates’s site.

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