Agilent Enhances X-Series Betoken Analyzers

Agilent Enhances X-Series Betoken Analyzers

Agilent Technologies declared greater nucleus accomplishment in cardinal of its X-Series signalize analyzers, the midrange MXA and all-purpose EXA. The particular improvements in time rumble entertain engineers to writer just brand the rate constancy of oscillators and synthesizers. The quicker tidy up carry speeds of these analyzers further searches in favour of fake signals in the tricky of transmitters, energetic sensitiveness arrays and powerfulness amplifiers, the comrades says.

In the MXA, stage clangour has bent landscaped alongside 10 dB or author on close-in and foot counteract frequencies. EXA phase-noise effectuation is ready 5 dB healthier opposite extensive counterpoise frequencies.

“The MXA enhancements are an weighty finishing touch to our only just introduced options on the side of 160-MHz inquiry bandwidth and real-time spectroscopy,” thought Jim Curran, publicity superintendent of Agilent’s Cook Bailiwick Partition. “Jointly, these capabilities crapper relieve our customers certain that their devices desire deliver accurately and bring nonpareil rank of usefulness.”

Agilent further declared novel capabilities in tierce of the measuring applications readily obtainable in behalf of X-Series signalize analyzers. The N9069A rumble body evaluation utilization moment includes progressive features that bolster measurements of multistage converters, multipliers and dividers.

The N9080A (FDD) and N9082A (TDD) LTE estimation applications second strengthen recording announce single-frequency fabric (MBSFN) signals with confused cyclic-prefix subframe structures. That allows engineers to investigation mortal multicast channels and MBSFN specification signals victimization effectively whatsoever subframe-structure constellation.

The Agilent N9083A multi-standard transistor evaluation operation has dated enhanced to stand by noncontiguous check-up configurations as characterised in 3GPP Turn loose 10. That enables one-button measurements of the accumulative adjacent-channel escape correlation.

Representing solon knowledge, on Agilent Technologies.

Sources: Weigh on materials expected from the friends and appended advice gleaned from the associates’s site.

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