Agilent GS-8800 LTE Conformity Principles Authorized representing Bandeau 13

Agilent GS-8800 LTE Conformity Principles Authorized representing Bandeau 13Close to DE Editors

Agilent Technologies declared that its U1901A GS-8800 LTE correspondence proof stage, recorded with the 1 Papers Facility, has met the Investigation Podium Agreement Criteria (TPAC) in favour of Line 13. In summing-up, the GS-8800 devise affirmation arrangement at present has the know-how to do TDD LTE RF measurements. TPAC credentials revenue the Agilent GS-8800 LTE agreement investigation tenets enables purchasers to encounter their wish for on the side of occurrence, reversion and document test with accession to exceeding 80 pct of certificated check-up cases representing Tie 13, previously initiating the closing correspondence examination. According to the comrades, the proficiency to do different TDD LTE RF measurements assembles the GS-8800 a many many-sided multi-format, multi-band and multi-mode scheme. The GS-8800 enables apparatus designers to about TDD LTE RF measurements mid initially draw up stages, and cut down on high-priced effect re-design in the past correspondence tricky. The dilated FDD and TDD LTE investigation reporting on the GS-8800, with many check-up cases and bands, provides ultimate consumers unspoiled upgrades on their ongoing installed 2G/3G systems to LTE.

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Sources: Push materials time-honored from the companionship and further data gleaned from the comrades’s site.

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