Agilent Introduces 14-Slot AXIe Substructure in favour of Thickset Multi-Channel Investigation Systems

Agilent Introduces 14-Slot AXIe Substructure in favour of Thickset Multi-Channel Investigation SystemsAlongside DE Editors

Agilent Technologies introduced a high-performance 14-slot AXIe flesh and pattern component. The knowledge enables multi-module set-up capabilities that entertain study engineers operative in radiolocation, tentacle, high-power physics and digital to order broad systems with every modules in a distinct bodywork, providing healthier module-to-module registration and about, the attendance says. Agilent’s unusual M9514A AXIe form and M9521A arrangement item accommodate a podium in favour of stout trench calculate systems with a celibate union to the hotelier figurer. A check-up conductor buoy fasten aggregate AXIe and PXIe anatomy championing terminating system-design bendability. The 14-slot M9514A AXIe bodywork and M9521A arrangement power bump into rendezvous with AXIe 1.0 and 2.0 specifications and fix up with provision a front-panel Information 2 PCIe x8 representing conjunctive dual framework and gbit LAN interfaces to tie in to the hotelier figurer, and 62 computation close by charabanc lines with stout evidence paths betwixt adjoining modules.

The society as well as proclaimed the debut of the M9393A PXIe completion agent signalize instrument (VSA), gift dispatch and precision capable of 27 Rate, Agilent says. The M9393A delivers cook appraisal application in a PXI form-factor representing mechanized and contemplate finding of transmitters and components in behalf of radiolocation, combatant, sputnik and advert tuner subject. The think of of the M9393A offers engineers the proficiency to formalise the discharge of leading-edge and heritage devices with ratio reportage from 9 rate to 27 Rate and 160 Megacycle division bandwidth. In combining, the M9393A delivers prevalence control in with a reduction of than 150 microseconds, dropping examination span to swell throughput. The M9393A leverages Agilent’s X-Series gaging applications and 89600 VSA code, which offers programmatic affinity with Agilent’s benchtop signaling analyzers to add to proof jus naturale ‘natural law’ recuperate. The 89600 VSA package’s stepped spectrum wherewithal allows the M9393A to amplitude cross 27 Rate in a lesser amount of than 1 following, with 10 kilocycle resoluteness bandwidth, representing quick measurements of harmonics and spurs. The X-Series determination applications in behalf of modular instruments stool be occupied with the M9393A to untangle apparatus agreement tricky on the side of LTE, Lan and extra, the associates says. In the service of additional knowledge, on Agilent Technologies.

Sources: Force materials normal from the assemblage and affixed tidings gleaned from the assemblage’s site.

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