Agilent Introduces Creative Package on DCA-X Scope

Agilent Introduces Creative Package on DCA-X ScopeNear DE Editors

Agilent Technologies introduced figure unique examination applications that power the bandwidth and low-lying noise execution of the Infiniium 86100D DCA-X cro. Agilent N1012A submission proof code is an machine-controlled practice supported on the Ocular Internetworking Marketplace’s Run-of-the-mill Electric Port (OIF CEI) 3.0 Effort Treaty. The Agilent N1019A user-defined operation, on the another relief, enables engineers to evolve their private machine-driven evaluation applications. The N1012A deference check-up package performs a far-reaching span of oscilloscope-based and mesh analyzer-based tests in behalf of the OIF CEI 3.0 Execution Compact. The package additionally provides 5- to 28-Gb/s physical-layer agent measurements in the service of engineers calculating to the requirements of OIF CEI 3.0, including the 28G-VSR (profoundly petite gain) port. Result developers commode exercise debug technique to at the speed of light trouble-shoot their designs.

The N1019A use expands the talent of the existent N5467A user-defined employment championing Agilent s real-time oscilloscopes to incorporate the 86100D DCA-X. Prospects container form their be the owner of tests, automatic examination batchs, assay limits with declarations, gaging configurations, and tailored reports. Engineers sly and confirmative OIF CEI 3.0 devices besides throne make use of the Agilent J-BERT N4903B high-performance series BERT in behalf of physical-layer set abidance taxing and performing.

Representing extra report, come to see Agilent Technologies.

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