Agilent Introduces Eye-Diagram Pretence Examination on X-Series Oscilloscopes

Agilent Introduces Eye-Diagram Pretence Examination on X-Series OscilloscopesBy means of DE Editors

Agilent Technologies has launched eye-diagram guise taxing capabilities championing the computation Soul Limit Mesh (Stool) programme heap via the DSOX3Machine Dismiss/Carver causation and rewrite choice and the DSOX3Disguise mask-test recourse. The Dismiss sequential charabanc is old extensively on the side of govern and detector monitoring in self-propelling applications likewise as a extensive distance of manual and checkup mat‚riel applications. With the different Container eye-diagram pretence study faculty in Agilent s 3000 X-Series oscilloscopes, engineers minute take the aptitude to effect a amalgam signal-integrity appraisal of their Stool buses in joined effortless reckoning. The Buoy eye-diagram trial aimlessly captures and overlays every so often reckoning shred of occasionally Dismiss structure supported on a one of a kind clock-recovery formula that emulates worst-case Container acquirer close coordination, resynchronization and instance. The issue is a individual evaluation that provides acuteness into the 1 sign principle of the Pot s corporal film to present worst-case timing and worst-case steep bounty variations. Overlaid bits are so continually compared against a six-point polygon-shaped achievement/miss cover extent, which is supported on Containerful physical-layer specifications.

Customers who already be in possession of an Agilent 3000 X-Series cro with the DSOX3Car and DSOX3Camouflage options crapper delegate their schoolteacher with the up-to-the-minute code to allow Crapper eye-diagram disguise difficult at no concern. Agilent as well as provides a bright area of express mask-test files supported on calculation searching sign, baud and textile dimension. These mask-test files potty be downloaded at no weight.

In favour of solon intelligence, come to see Agilent Technologies.

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