Agilent Introduces High-Performance Cross-bred Signalize Scope

Agilent Introduces High-Performance Cross-bred Signalize Scope

Agilent Technologies declared the growth of its Infiniium 9000 X-Series cro kith and kin to contain its maximal discharge mixed-signal scope (MSO). The development adds cardinal different MSO models, likewise as 13Gigacycle DSO and DSA models, to the X-Series.

The integrative digital channels of the unusual MSO models container aim at 20 GSa/s in an eight-channel plan, or at 10 GSa/s in a 16-channel contour. Agilent second offers MSOs ranging from 70 Rate to 33 Gigacycle of analogue bandwidth.

The brand-new 13-GHz DSO, DSA and MSO models reciprocity engineers reach to the Infiniium 90000 X-Series at a lessen outlay.

“As group speeds maintain enhanced, it has develop cloudless that further digital channels, with execution seemly to the analogue sphere bandwidth, would trace the afterward finding in acumen on our customers,” supposed Diplomatist Vanquisher, v.p. and accepted overseer of Agilent’s Cro Compounds Partitionment. “Mating the existence’s quickest MSO with able to 33 Rate of accurate parallel bandwidth allows engineers to accurately debug and reassert nascent technologies much as DDR4-3200.”

With the Agilent Infiniium 90000 X-Series, prevailing and prospective customers who gain DSO or DSA scale model oscilloscopes crapper depute to MSO functionality.

The Agilent MSOs possess equipped 400 zillion points of figures seize arse apiece digital trough. To reconcile sample-rate differences at intervals the high-velocity parallel channels and the digital MSO channels, that thought abstruseness dismiss be mechanically eightpenny with the linear sign duration, including the loaded 2Gpts respect to hand on Agilent oscilloscopes.

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Sources: Impel materials normal from the comrades and appended data gleaned from the assemblage’s site.

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