Agilent Introduces Latest PXI Transmitter Signalise Source

Agilent Introduces Latest PXI Transmitter Signalise SourcePast DE Editors

Agilent Technologies has introduced a different transmitter communicate maker in a PXI construction piece. The Agilent M9381A is a 1-MHz to 3- or 6-GHz VSG that combines speedy shift and RF parametric dispatch: elevated efficiency nation, one-dimensionality and built straight preciseness, conterminous aqueduct cognition relationship discharge (representing production levels operational +10 dBm or added) and encyclopedic prosody bandwidth (set 160 Megacycle) in behalf of test RF devices. Agilent organized the constituent championing applications much as trying and confirming the visualize of tuner knowledge amplifiers and transceivers, general security and soldierly radios, and alveolate background class (at bottom picocell and femtocell). The friends’s baseband-tuning profession enables frequentness and teemingness switch quickness as accelerated as 10 s from its program program. The toggle quickness is other enhanced close to dimensionality and repeatability related with Agilent’s sign generators, the fellowship supposed. The roll approach helps augment quickness and provides flexibleness by way of allowing engineers to difference 80 ambit, including prevalence, nation and prosody in as profuse as 3,201 listing way points. That enables engineers to stumble on a encyclopedic multifariousness of investigation requirements time up study throughput, the associates accessorial. It containerful be euphemistic pre-owned at powerfulness levels capable of +10 dBm or extra contingent the criterion, with mini disrepute to neighboring moat powerfulness correlation conduct, the comrades whispered. It additionally delivers ACPR of capable -70 dBc (W-CDMA study mock-up 1, 64 DPCH). The production nation set +19 dBm throne be harnessed on the nose with truthfulness of ±0.4 dB. On supplementary message, call in Agilent Technologies.

Sources: Subject to materials expected from the fellowship and affixed intelligence gleaned from the companions’s site.

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