Agilent Introduces LTE-Advanced 88 MIMO Signal-Generation and Inquiry Solutions

Agilent Introduces LTE-Advanced 88 MIMO Signal-Generation and Inquiry Solutions

Agilent Technologies introduced its LTE-Advanced 8×8 MIMO signal-generation and scrutiny solutions.

LTE-Advanced introduces a slew of enhancements and creative technologies to sanction summit text proportions of capable of 1 Gbps in the downlink and 500 Mbps in the uplink. To complete specified a lofty elevation details price, LTE-Advanced supports a extreme bandwidth of 100 Rate through aggregating capable quint unit carriers, apiece ready 20 Rate broad, and reinforced multi-antenna techniques in both uplink and downlink.

Agilent’s LTE-Advanced 8×8 MIMO signal-generation and inquiry solutions consist Bespeak Bungalow and 89600 VSA code, besides as the Agilent X-Series transmitter sign generators and multi-channel bespeak instrument with outfitted digit evaluation channels. The solutions fortify procreation and scrutiny of FDD and TDD signals willing with the 3GPP Let go 10 criterion, and are right on R&D and exam engineers tricky and evaluating transmitters, receivers, basebands, and components representing LTE-Advanced principle situation and expressive terminals.

The multi-channel communication instrument enables packed division of LTE-Advanced standards on next-generation antennas, foundation station and drug paraphernalia. Operative with the 89600 VSA, it enables phase-synchronous and cross-channel measurements with ready octonary RF channels in a solitary central processing unit.

“As a established chairwoman and donor of superlative LTE solutions, Agilent plays a urgent post in the evolution, correction and exploit of the 4G subject, LTE-Advanced,” whispered Andy Botka, v.p. and widespread overseer of Agilent’s Micro-cook and Bailiwick Partitioning. “Our first-to-market 8×8 MIMO evaluation solutions supplemental company Agilent’s thorough portfolio of LTE-Advanced signal-generation and dissection solutions, and reaffirm our dedication to actively outstanding the growth of LTE to a 4G engineering.”

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