Agilent Introduces Oscilloscopes with 63-GHz Realistic Parallel Bandwidth

Agilent Introduces Oscilloscopes with 63-GHz Realistic Parallel BandwidthBy means of DE Editors

Agilent Technologies introduced its Infiniium 9000 Q-Series oscilloscopes with real-time bandwidth of 63 Gigacycle on digit channels and 33 Gigacycle on quadruplet channels. The different arrangement includes 10 four-channel models ranging from 20 Rate to 63 Rate, the complete of which are bandwidth upgradeable. These unique schoolteacher cart the stubby clap and a stunted noise determination planking, ensuring upper-level measuring preciseness. At its extremity bandwidth the Q-Series breaks the 60-GHz fence, with a -3 dB tip of 63 Rate. The 33-GHz replica allows engineers to simultaneously causation on and seizure signals on each and every quadruplet channels with no give and take. These figure specifications admit the oscilloscopes to build measurements on devices fashioned to fit rising standards. Passkey capabilities encompass: The units supply superintend digitisation of M-band signals (60 Gigacycle to 100 Rate); breakdown of IEEE 802.3ba 40/100/400-GbE and Image Internetworking Facility CEI 3.0 signals.; determination of capable cardinal reckoning channels in a individual gain in favour of unraveling onerous cross-talk crunchs; and run determination of electrical energy swings enhanced than 1V when high-bandwidth and all-purpose measurements have occasion for to be prefabricated with the unmodified device.

According to the fellowship, the 90000 Q-Series improves upon Agilent s practise of form toll joint circuits and multichip faculty covering with an absolute latest subject screamed RealEdge. RealEdge comprises a alliance of imaginative architectures, next-generation microcircuits and thin-film components, and front use of Agilent s in phosphide conductor course of action. That imaginative application enables high-frequency talent whilst maintaining the commerce s buck crash and noise estimation parquet (75 fs). On the side of statesman word, upon Agilent Technologies.

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