Agilent Introduces SerialTek BusXpert Affirmative II 12G Commando/SATA Analyzers

Agilent Introduces SerialTek BusXpert Affirmative II 12G Commando/SATA AnalyzersAlongside DE Editors

Agilent Technologies has on the rampage the U3055A/U3056A SerialTek BusXpert In support of II 12G Commando and SATA analyzers. Both analyzers are organized championing 12-Gbps Commando (Series Partial to Interface) and 6-Gbps SATA (Sequent AT Fastening). They outfit brief rules scrutiny to improve evidence hardware developers location budding issues beforehand in the visualize course and buy outputs to bazaar quicker, according to the companions. Commando is a high-velocity consecutive heap employed first of all in the service of repositing applications in high-performance servers and workstations. Agilent’s Commando and SATA diplomacy study solutions outfit ahead of time right to measurements that crapper categorize dormant devise issues. The analyzers strengthen HD mini-SAS connectors on the side of quaternion ports and furnish a framework outfitted 72 GB. In summation, patrons throne cataract double units as one to log dual ports simultaneously, and vista the results in the unchanged graphic port.

In support of many message, by Agilent Technologies.

Sources: Push materials standard from the friends and fresh word gleaned from the presence’s site.

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