Agilent Updates EMPro Code

Agilent Updates EMPro Code

Agilent Technologies declared a different utilization present in the most up-to-date variety of its EMPro mould code. The brand-new operation lets researchers about electromagnetic simulations to improve explicate the experiments they do through scanning cook microscopy (SMM).

SMM is an Agilent-exclusive procedure that combines the electromagnetic measurements of a nuke transmitter scheme instrument with the nm resoluteness and Angstrom-scale place of an microscopical impact microscope, the associates says. The method, which is full adaptable with Agilent’s 5420, 5500 and 5600LS AFM systems, measures reflection-scattering diapason and proportionate exciting properties of materials at the nanoscale in the oftenness reach of 1 to 20 Gigacycle.

“When cast-off in connexion with scanning zap microscopy, EMPro code container usher to a safer accord of a sampling’s implicit electromagnetic clearing circulation and analogous corporeal properties specified as involved resistivity, permittivity and porosity,” believed Tabulation Volk, v.p., Nano Ranking Sciences Partition at Agilent.

According to Agilent, EMPro package complements SMM investigation package and permits author complete investigations with reference to 3D representation geometry, AFM peak length and staff corner, and measuring recurrence. Innovative SMM imagination modes and tip-sample disclaimer curves pot as well be mock-up and investigated in solon component via EMPro.

SMM-enabled experiments end result in graduated involved resistivity information, including capacitor and defiance deads ringer with purposefulness on skid row to 10 nm. Prospects pot effect measurements on a broad sweep of samples, spanning conductor study, materials information, and the living sciences.

Representing writer advice, call in Agilent Technologies.

Sources: Subject to materials traditional from the assemblage and add-on facts gleaned from the comrades’s site.

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