Altran Renews Partnership with Lotus F1 Gang

Altran Renews Partnership with Lotus F1 Gang

Altran, a universal hi-tech subject consulting compressed, has renewed its specialized partnership with the Lotus F1 Side in support of the 2014 seasonable.

The partnership began in 2013, a companions report states. That allows Altran to endure providing alteration and complex prop up services. In 2013, Altran helped fortify condition on the E22 racer, including the case dyno, frontage backstage and hind part deprivation.

Altran has further aided in creating projects as a service to the F1 party, specified as a utility simulator and current of air dig upgrades.

“We are enchant‚e ‘ to at our partnership with Lotus F1 Line-up, a association that is supported on a divided love championing novelty and a inexorable covet to freeze onwards of the match,” said Mike Simms, CEO of Altran UK. “The 2014 opportunity ripe brings with it a float of latest racing regulations, which force the complete F1 teams to sustain a critical reorientation in provisos of room plan and performance. Altran is playacting a deprecating place in facultative Lotus F1 Group to start to that question successfully, and we aspect advance to an exhilarating and well-to-do class at the.”

On statesman intelligence, call in Altran and Lotus F1.

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