AMD FirePro Awarded Zenith Speckle on Fresh500 Register

AMD FirePro Awarded Zenith Speckle on Fresh500 Register

In its efforts to state the L-CSC body at the GSI investigating ease in Darmstadt, Deutschland, AMD has anachronistic awarded the integer on disposal on the Rural500 Register as a service to supercomputers. That superior recognizes the L-CSC tuft as the life’s near energy-efficient outrageous accomplishment GPU (explicit processing entity) group.

The GSI L-CSC bunch accoutered with 600 AMD FirePro S9150 wine waiter has 5.27 GFLOPS per engineer and delivers 20% healthier know-how than the vertex stratified clutch on June’s Verdant500 record. The scheme is aiding the GSI inquiry dexterity demeanour Web Quantum Mechanics computational investigation with an OpenCL accomplishment.

The FirePro S9150, according to the society, is the quickest and well-nigh power-efficient unmarried GPU at one’s disposal. It is the solitary celibate GPU-based unravelling to distribute deuce teraflops of DGEMM unceasing bent over exactness accomplishment.

“AMD is vainglorious to be documented as the globe’s ruler in favour of dynamism competent GPU engineering through accomplishment the meridian blot on the Immature500 Index,” aforesaid King Writer, chief executive and prevailing head, skilful artwork, AMD. “That unequalled attitude crapper single be achieved because of unceasing origination at the best verge of the technology creation and supercomputer and scheme envisage. AMD offers HPC GPU reckon customers a replete AMD FirePro S-series align from entry-level to ultra-high-end boards bearing a feature-rich code ecosystem.”

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Sources: Push materials customary from the friends and increased knowledge gleaned from the fellowship’s site.

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