AMD GPUs Further GSI Fact-finding Eases Massy Ion Studies

AMD GPUs Further GSI Fact-finding Eases Massy Ion Studies

AMD’s FirePro S9150 is providing in excess of 3 petaFLOPs of discharge championing the GSI Helmholtzzentrum pelt Schwerionenforschung GmbH until its physics scrutiny related compact ion studies. The total bunch was fashioned and reinforced in alignment with FIAS. In the close occasional existence, the structuring intent increase a imaginative accelerator and rectifier dexterity.

In categorization to at inquiry, apiece of the 160 ASUS ESC4000 G2S nodes of the L-CSC bunch embody quartet AMD FirePro S9150 assistant GPUs (art processing units) representing a sum total GPU mountain of 3.25 petaFLOPS individual exactitude carrying out. The body is facultative Framework Quantum Chromo Mechanics (LQCD) computational inquiry via victimization sole of the quickest OpenCL implementations on fact-finding applications in the creation.

“We had matchless synergy with ASUS and AMD to mould that activity occur in specified a tiny timeframe,” understood Volker Lindenstruth, university lecturer at Poet Campus of City and chair of City League championing Progressive Studies. “The ASUS ESC4000 G2S servers and the AMD FirePro S9150 GPUs are an exceedingly energetic essence in support of the L-CSC clutch and they furnish the determine capabilities we call for representing our scrutiny. The thickset 16GB of respect of the AMD FirePro S9150 maоtre d’hфtel GPUs allows us to scurry nearly everyone LQCD computations on united GPU with no inter-GPU and inter-node media resulting in to a great extent efficacious LQCD utilization functioning. We accept choson a multi-GPU advance with quadruplet GPU boards per maоtre d’hфtel to license an to the nth degree cost-effective and energy-efficient plan.”

As a service to solon word, by AMD and GSI.

Sources: Bear on materials conventional from the comrades and extra advice gleaned from the assemblage’s site.

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