AMD Unveils Opteron 64-Bit ARM-Based Developer Kits

AMD Unveils Opteron 64-Bit ARM-Based Developer Kits

AMD has launched the Opteron A1100-Series developer rig that features a 64-bit ARM-based laptop. Attracted devices, package developers and stout datacenters are suitable to rub in. The trappings is handy representing $2,999, a society report states.

The Opteron A1100 Succession cpu supports 4 and 8 Limb Cortex-A57 cores, outfitted 4MB of distributed L2 and 8MB of distributed L3 hiding-place, configurable duple DDR3 or DDR4 remembrance channels, equipped viii lanes of PCI-Express Info 3 I/O too as crypto and text compressing co-processors. It too has Gird TrustZone engineering representing enhanced certainty.

The event appurtenances is prepackaged in a microATX shape circumstance and includes:

  • Opteron A1100-Series computer with quadruplet cores
  • deuce qualified DIMM with 16GB of DDR3 Drachma
  • PCI Utter connectors configurable as united x8 or cardinal x4 ports
  • octad Serial-ATA connectors
  • Congeniality with model force supplies
  • Gauge Unix Antelope utensil succession, including cross-development model
  • Programme mechanism drivers
  • Gauge UEFI charge territory

“The tour toward a added thrifty base in favour of large-scale datacenters is attractive a principal spoor advance tod with broader handiness of our AMD Opteron A1100-Series event accoutrements,” held Suresh Gopalakrishnan, communal forewoman and v.p., Computer Work segment, AMD. “Later successfully example to critical ecosystem partners much as microcode, OS and tools providers, we are entrancing the following intercede what longing be a collaborative energy beyond the assiduity to reimagine the datacenter supported on the unclosed profession miniature of Branch novelty.”

Representing writer tidings, go AMD.

Sources: Thrust materials customary from the companionship and increased word gleaned from the presence’s site.

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