Artec, AICON Put together Photogrammetry Solutions

Artec, AICON Put together Photogrammetry Solutions

Artec drive amalgamate AICON’s ScanReference photogrammetry decipherment with Artec Eva and Programme 3D scanners. That purpose permit representatives to discover higher loosely precision in their results, which next containerful be cast-off in much developed spheres as je sais quoi pledge, mountain putting out and metrology.

“We are happy more the amalgamation of our photogrammetric tools into Artec 3D scanners. Thanks to ScanReference, Artec longing be proficient to lecture object batterys with altogether unalike necessarily,” aforesaid Carl-Thomas Schneider, manager of AICON 3D Systems.

In the service of supplementary knowledge, pop in Artec Assemblage and AICON.

Sources: Upon materials conventional from the presence and more advice gleaned from the companions’s site.

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