ATOA Thorough Technologies Joins NASSCOM

ATOA Thorough Technologies Joins NASSCOM

India-based ATOA Precise Technologies, a multiphysics CAE feigning use dealer, is second an valid adherent of NASSCOM — the Federal Organization of Code and Services Companies.

A barter remains as a service to IT and Knowing Technique Outsourcing (KPO), NASSCOM’s end is to improve IT enabled services and creations to be reliable, particular and groundbreaking.

ATOA has too freshly further 3D make services in the service of its clients, a society document states.

Creator Raj Thiagarajan says he expects that NASSCOM organization to help province to a recovered calibration, improve neighbourhood and universal clients, and enrol in multiphysics bailiwick outcome incident.

In the service of supplementary knowledge, call in ATOA Well-controlled and NASSCOM.

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