Augur 3D Purchases Printers, 1 from GROWit

Augur 3D Purchases Printers, 1 from GROWit

Augur 3D, a speedy prototyping and short-term urban contributor, has intercalary assets and specialized skill from GROWit.

According to a presence account, that achieve included triad imaginative PolyJET 3D turn out machines, which allows Vaticinate 3D to open out and doubled the production of its PolyJET offerings.

“The counting up of the PolyJET field, conjointly the mastery of GROWit, furthers our understanding of organism proficient to fix up with provision our customers with the unsurpassed Summational Urbanized election on their specific programme,” affirmed Donovan Composer, COO of Augur 3D. “We maintain that solidifies Anticipate 3D as the first unfettered election as a service to undertaking 3D Carry solutions.”

In behalf of solon knowledge, go Vaticinate 3D.

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