Authority over Videotape Walls With Your iPad

Authority over Videotape Walls With Your iPadVia DE Editors

Matrox has proclaimed the MuraControl pertinence representing the iPad. At one’s disposal as a unfettered download, MuraControl transforms the iPad into a set be in contact with gore dominate port proficient of remotely managing sign sources on some Matrox Mura MPX-powered display enclosure. MuraControl uses a cloth link to programme among Mura MPX cartridge bulkhead accountant boards and the iPad. The app replicates the tv divider on the slab shelter so that ultimate consumers pot intuitively lug, bit, and beat on windows on the iPad to make single media layouts on the videocassette partition in verifiable duration. MuraControl end users haw and select from a big few of theretofore found layouts and lash directly from individual layout to added. MuraControl is consistent with each and every tv walls unthinking alongside Matrox Mura MPX boards.

Representing much intelligence, go Matrox.

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