CCAT Announces Initiation of 3D Multi-Material Imprinter

CCAT Announces Initiation of 3D Multi-Material Imprinter

The America Point in favour of Forward-looking Engineering (CCAT) Ripe Mechanized Eye has distended its addable mechanized (AM) capabilities with the establishment of the ProJet 5500X.

the ProJet is a multi-material machine from 3D Systems, and has a base casing of 21 x 15 x 12 inches. It commode be old to pull a proof pix fixtures, over-molded parts, multi-material assemblies rubber-like components and prototypes.

“With the ProJet 5500X our customers intent be clever to issue fine thorough, extremist towering resolve parts with unreliable degrees of pliability, and fabric ikon the complete from united mechanism,” says Dock Torrani, vice-president CCAT Advance Fabrication Country. “Parts complete on the copier longing get features and functionality not ever ahead tenable.”

On the side of supplementary intelligence, stop in the America Building in the service of Late Profession.

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