CIMdata to Hostess Webinar on PLM and ERP

CIMdata to Hostess Webinar on PLM and ERP

Following period, CIMdata purpose hotelman a unrestricted webinar focus on consequence lifecycle handling (PLM) and boldness store provision (ERP) and how to able leveraging them from the beginning to the end of the think of proceeding.

In the hour-long bestowal, styled “PLM & ERP: What’s the Distinction, and Reason Should you Trouble?”, attendees drive see:

  • Strengths of PLM and ERP
  • Benefits of union PLM and ERP
  • How to expeditiously operation a PLM dais to lift ERP capability
  • How to connection the PLM/ERP distance

“Contemporary is again a fracas in diverse companies more where PLM and ERP fitted confidential the outcome envisage and manufacture lifecycle,” says Jim McKinney, procedure executive, PLM Guidance at CIMdata. “Since present is coincide, it is many times arduous to arbitrate where a variety of processes should be performed and where upshot information should be managed. Therein webinar we disposition get across the differences betwixt PLM and ERP, and review how they buoy be coeducational to furnish advanced and superiority outputs.”

On extra facts, look in on CIMdata.

Sources: Bear on materials normal from the comrades and increased facts gleaned from the associates’s site.

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