City Supercomputing Country Joins OpenMP Association

City Supercomputing Country Joins OpenMP Association

The Port Supercomputing Country (BSC) has linked the OpenMP ARB, a syndicate of metal goods and code vendors and digging organizations creating a yardstick in support of shared-memory coordinate scheduling.

“We are vainglorious to apportionment our 15 eld’ acquaintance nonindustrial prop up representing analogous planning models contained by the OpenMP district,” aforesaid Mateo Valero, executive of BSC. “Our researchers acquire archaic implicated in OpenMP since the dawning, via cOMPunity. BSC has participated in the resolution of the tasking replica, just this minute with the involvement of job dependences.”

“I visage foremost to BSC sustained their outstanding specialized endeavor from the late into the days,” aforesaid Archangel Wong, OpenMP CEO.

On the side of supplementary intelligence, pop in the OpenMP ARB.

Sources: Force materials usual from the companions and further advice gleaned from the associates’s site.

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