Colfax Oecumenical Debuts Unusual Pen-mark of High-Performance SuperWorkstations

Colfax Oecumenical Debuts Unusual Pen-mark of High-Performance SuperWorkstationsBy means of DE Editors

Colfax 1 has declared a unique schedule of SuperWorkstations fashioned championing engineers, architects, 3D and image paraphernalia artists and plain designers. These different systems defend a comprehensive reach of workloads ranging from high-end field and 3D mould with real-time dream to television, ikon, and cd compositing and writing.

The workstations buttress the stylish Intel Xeon 5600 playoff CPUs in one and threefold mainframe configurations representing high-end applications as okay as Intel Xeon 3600 and 2nd Information Intel Quintessence chain processors representing mainstream and entry-level systems. Crest termination systems pot customize up to 288GB of homage and are optimized in behalf of quaternary NVIDIA GPUs. Compounding lone NVIDIA Quadro and ternary Discoverer GPUs in the very set-up enables instantaneous redaction and on-the-fly representation in Autodesk 3ds Max.

Late index supplies supply peak liveliness expertise and high-availability with non-essential item options. SuperWorkstations as well as proffer burgeoning elasticity with capable sevener PCI-E slots and a utmost of 14 hot-swap propel bays.

Championing much message, stop in Colfax Universal.

Sources: Force materials conventional from the companionship and increased word gleaned from the fellowship’s site.

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