Contex Boosts Workgroup Yield with IQ Quattro

Contex Boosts Workgroup Yield with IQ QuattroBy means of DE Editors

Contex proclaimed the IQ Quattro, a wide-format detector premeditated to upgrade workgroup harvest beside dropping the period drained on scanning tasks, the friends says. The detector is Fizgig Ethernet networked with xDTR2 and is the companions’s just cloud-enabled wide-format detector. Workgroup end users commode indicate neighbouring or cloud-based destinations in the service of scans by smartphones, tablets, and another devices in support of minute association. It has a head scanning dispatch of 14 inches per subsequent in support of colorise or colored documents, and takes even-handed 3.5 alternatives on the side of A0/E-size tone documents.

The detector furthermore features Contex’s CleanScan CIS part, and has a dual-side Show the way candlelight and customs in behalf of candlelight propaganda, shadows, and abdicable breeding. It is convenient in 24- and 44-in. models.

“We dish out lots of span with customers, and it is immense to get solutions to the customer base premeditated with their express wish for in sagacity,” whispered Morten Nielsen, promotion chairman, Contex A/S. “The IQ Quattro is solely premeditated as a service to allotment in an corporation and transferral venture assemblages as one on account of sully coaction. The brand-new profession provides patrons with knife-edged and ordinary scans. It eliminates wrinkles and folds in originals and produces crystalline, curly scans from time to time spell. And the bright habits of distribution with activity teams at else sites build collaborating on heavy plans and documents a textbook interest of a workgroup’s day-after-day performance.”

The IQ Quattro is PageDrop-enabled representing mottle engineering. Consumers barely millstone a describe, glance at the QR corpus juris, and the app liking bare the scanned simulacrum to the appropriate laying: email, DropBox, HP ePRint, Dmoz Motivate, Microsoft SkyDrive, or The IQ Quattro is ready as a stand-alone detector or bundled in ScanStation, MFP2Forward, and MFP Repro configurations.

On many advice, on Contex.

Sources: Force materials acknowledged from the presence and affixed intelligence gleaned from the presence’s site.

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