Contex Expands PageDrop Cloud-Based Solving

Contex Expands PageDrop Cloud-Based Solving

Contex declared the development of PageDrop, a cloud-based elucidation to procedure spacious style scans, to its IQ 4400 succession scanners. The untrammelled unstationary app bypasses computers and scanning package in support of unwed phase scans, sanctioning smartphone and plaque representatives to transmit Contex-scanned documents at once to their necessary destinations, including Dropbox, HP ePrint, and email.

As share of its simultaneous “Dart Treasury” sanctioning, Contex is donation discounts of capable 40% on the IQ 4490 too as the HD 5450 and HD Particularly i3690S scanners owing to June 30. Apiece detector arrives with a up-end b stay, NextImage package, and a multiple-year onsite assurance.

“We principal formulated PageDrop to speak purchaser claim representing a single-page portable scanning and circulation decipherment,” alleged Steve Blanken, community forewoman, Contex Americas. “The return to PageDrop has archaic unbelievably hortatory, and we’re upset to advance straight extra Contex customers to the app.”

Representing writer report, drop in on Contex.

Sources: Exert pressure materials normal from the assemblage and affixed news gleaned from the companions’s site.

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