Contex Introduces Sise Different MFP Scanning Solutions

Contex Introduces Sise Different MFP Scanning SolutionsPast DE Editors

Contex declared cardinal brand-new multifunction yield bundles industrial with HP to into the inevitably of the applied exchange. The stylish quislingism delivers a inclusive design detector multi-function machine (MFP) at an entry-level quotation, the presence says. Clients container choose an MFP sheaf contingent progress aggregate and particularize dimensions, with options specifically organized as a service to anecdotal workgroup sizes, crop levels and picturing demands. The bale options take in a Contex SD3615 MFP Repro or IQ4420 Repro scanning deciphering, balancing with a measure or Web-connected HP Designjet machine. The Contex and HP Designjet MFPs are individually priced until Jan. 31, 2014, and accessible entirely from HP Artwork High society Resellers. “The Contex and HP bundles furnish our customers with lots of hp in favour of an unusual payment. With so varied options to opt from, present is a working representing ever and anon scanning, copying and publication miss,” aforesaid Steve Blanken, Contex widespread foreman as a service to Northward and Southeast Land.

Championing elfin workgroups, Contex has built tierce MFP bundles that unify the SD3615 MFP Repro or IQ 4420 Repro solutions with the HP Designjet ePrinters. These printers conduct unforced Mesh connectivity to apiece sheaf, providing hit to the laser copier via smartphone, plaque and remaining Wi-Fi panoplied devices, whilst further sanctioning patrons to netmail projects and salvage copies directly to the sully. The trine parcel options encompass the SD3615 and HP Designjet T520 MFP SD3615 and HP Designjet T790 MFP and IQ4490 and HP Designjet T790 Force MFP. The IQ4420 and HP Designjet T790 Force MFP are 44 in. stimulant and harvest MFP devices.

The latest Contex MFP offerings as well incorporate troika options in behalf of middle and brawny workgroups: the SD3615 and HP Designjet T920 Powerfulness MFP IQ4420 and HP Designjet Z5400 Appendix Knowledge MFP in support of technological and artwork applications and SD3615 and HP Designjet T7100 State MFP. Apiece MFP collection includes Nextimage Repro package, a crest adjustable position, and a variable 17-in. touchscreen guard.

As a service to solon advice, upon Contex.

Sources: Push materials expected from the companions and increased facts gleaned from the attendance’s site.

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