Cortus Announces FPS6 32-bit Buoyant Period Microcontroller IP Gist

Cortus Announces FPS6 32-bit Buoyant Period Microcontroller IP GistThrough DE Editors

Cortus has gratis the steep completion, lofty throughput FPS6 laptop with nonsegregated nonsubmersible period. That notebook IP is intentional on assimilation into SoCs requiring exorbitant nonsubmersible tip about: e.g. developed dominate systems, motive pilot, state and vivacity applications. The FPS6 stool be enforced in dual- or quad-core configurations or be worn in a diversified arrangement with APS3.

That is the following participant of the Cortus microcontroller IP essence relatives to be on the rampage, complementing the littler, ultra-low-power APS3. The FPS6 pedagogy plant is a superset of that of APS3, so APS3 jus civile ‘civil law’ crapper race on FPS6.

The FPS6 delivers 30.5 MFlops representing the Linpack measure (unwed perfection at 333 Megacycle representing 10 reps) providing what the presence describes as an dominance upwards an number pc insides. The FPS6 number section effectuation is 1.93 CoreMarks/Rate and 1.67 DMIPS/Rate. Representing settled decimal point digital communicate processing it is admissible to reckon the APS DSP Co-processor to FPS6. The DSP co-processor activity with 16-bit text and has a 20-bit gatherer.

A chock-a-block condition medium (in support of C and C++) is at one’s disposal, which potty be bespoken and branded in favour of conclusive purchaser exercise. In favour of the nearly exigent designs the FPS6 buoy be employed in a multi-core constellation.

In support of supplementary word, call in Cortus.

Sources: Subject to materials acknowledged from the assemblage and fresh report gleaned from the associates’s site.

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