Cray Adds NVIDIA Astronomer GPUs to Falls Supercomputer

Cray Adds NVIDIA Astronomer GPUs to Falls SupercomputerBy way of DE Editors

Cray declared that its next-generation supercomputer, code-named “Waterfall,” inclination be to hand with NVIDIA Inventor GPUs supported on the next-generation NVIDIA Astronomer GPU technology construction. “That is an intoxicating word representing us, and representing our customers, as it proves that we wait pledged to our understanding of desegregation a scope of ahead processing technologies into a celibate, ascendible building,” thought Bolt Ballplayer, Cray’s first-born v.p. of extraordinary accomplishment technology systems.”Reconciling Supercomputing is more house a sound munitions and code environs that in the end supports bighearted our customers choices. Adding the NVIDIA Inventor Kepler-based GPUs, which are premeditated in behalf of computationally severe HPC environments, into tomorrow versions of our Cataract organization disposition reciprocity our customers the pliancy to select from a range of robust gas options.” In June, Cray declared that the Shower supercomputer inclination be readily obtainable with the different Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. With these latest offerings, Cray customers longing be masterful to custom-make a Descend supercomputer with pc technologies that superior stumble on the extraordinary about engineering (HPC) requests of their methodical applications, the attendance aforesaid. NVIDIA Artificer GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors drive be nearby in tomorrow versions of Cray’s Falls supercomputer. The Descend supercomputer is in piece completed thinkable beside Cray’s condition in the Accumulation Ripe Fact-finding Projects Intermediation’s (Bureau) Lofty Fecundity Computation Systems syllabus.

Championing added intelligence, upon Cray.

Sources: Force materials standard from the companions and fresh knowledge gleaned from the assemblage’s site.

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