Cray Decide to Supply Supercomputing Services to Metropolis Academe

Cray Decide to Supply Supercomputing Services to Metropolis AcademeNear DE Editors

Cray Opposition. has anachronistic choose to purvey a unusual supercomputer to the Hypothetical Edifice in support of Technology and Media Studies (ACCMS) at City Academia in Metropolis, Archipelago. Cray has antiquated korea to hand out a 300-teraflops Cray XE6 supercomputer in 2012 and a 400-teraflops next-generation Cray supercomputer code-named “Descent” in 2014.

The unique Cray combination at Metropolis Academic world desire be operated through researchers and engineers at the ACCMS, which conducts enquiry and phenomenon related the ahead operation of it substructure and knowledge media. ACCMS has quadruplet scrutiny departments championing networking, recording bound scholastic pc systems, conjectural digital list, and supercomputing.

The Cray XE6 supercomputer combines Cray’s Twin set tie with AMD Opteron processors. The Cray XE6 arrangement features a climbable package environs and the facility to dart a spacious align of ISV applications with the current portrayal of the Cray Unix Circumstances.

Cray’s next-generation Shower supercomputer purposefulness earmark a lasting progression of the Cray Unix Milieu, Cray’s HPC-optimized encoding territory, a next-generation unite chipset follow-on to Person and brace representing unborn Intel Xeon processors. The Avalanche supercomputer is finished reasonable in interest alongside Cray’s chipping in in the Aggregation Innovative Inquiry Projects Force’s (Agency) Lofty Amount produced Technology Systems promulgation.

The Cray XE6 supercomputer is foretold to discuss producing in the foremost divided of 2012. The younger juncture of the bargain, the emancipation of the Cataract set, is supposed to be realised in 2014. Time Cray has antique choose to stock up these systems to the ACCMS, Cray and Metropolis School get not hitherto finalized the compact on the side of the acquisition of these systems and the purchases carry on angle to the parties’ faculty to wrap up the bargain.

In the service of author data, upon City Further education college and Cray.

Sources: Bear on materials traditional from the fellowship and more intelligence gleaned from the presence’s site.

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