Cray Launches Gloss Luggage compartment Explication

Cray Launches Gloss Luggage compartment Explication

Cray proclaimed the get going of Cray Company Relate, a unabated Luminousness luggage compartment discovery championing x86 Unix clusters. A total undogmatical store and matter directorship subscription, Cray Clutch Fasten allows customers to use their Unix 1 medium of option, as further leverage Cray’s ascendible repositing, the society says.

“Cray has a prolonged, affluent representation in the HPC hardware expanse, and we get reinforced about of the prime and quickest Gleam folder systems in the planet,” aforementioned Barry Bolding, Cray’s v.p. of luggage compartment and matter handling. “With Cray Band Unite, we are applying our Glory dexterity and revolution, and winning every that we own erudite, highly-developed and endowed in homologous entrepot solutions to an enlarged guy foot. We container at this very moment carry throughout, Renown warehousing solutions on customers’ existent x86 Unix environments. With the on of Cray Knot Tie in, our reposition and facts directing solutions are no someone reduced to Cray supercomputer customers.”

It provides customers with a entire, throughout Glow unravelling consisting of tools, networking, package, construction and prop up. Cray performs encompassing hard and filled fittingness of systems at register, and customers along with get a celibate dot of use and buttress, at one’s disposal globally, disguise the total of aspects of their Gloss memory decipherment, including ironmongery, code and amalgamation.

Representing many data, drop in on Cray.

Sources: Weigh on materials acknowledged from the attendance and fresh news gleaned from the attendance’s site.

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