Cray Launches Midrange Supercomputers

Cray Launches Midrange SupercomputersBy way of DE Editors

Cray is oblation a rule of midrange supercomputers that commencement at $200,000. The entry-level midrange shape combines the decrease rate and extent of code pertinence buttress heretofore organize in the Cray CX1 and Cray CX1000 systems with the petascale technologies and ascendable design of the Cray XE6m and Cray XK6m diagonal. As well included are Cray’s Someone link, the stylish style of the Cray Unix Habitat, AMD Opteron 6200 Program processors and NVIDIA Inventor GPUs.

The latest sacrifice features enhancements to Cray’s Bundle Harmony Technique (CCM), which gives customers the power to bolt applications from ISVs out qualifying. Head introduced in Apr 2010, CCM is a absolutely pattern x86 Unix habitat that allows in favour of easily understood, out-of-the crate solemnization and match of correspondent ISV applications outwardly porting, re-linking or recompilation.

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Sources: Weigh on materials normal from the attendance and extra facts gleaned from the society’s site.

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