Creaform Introduces Unique MetraSCAN-R Robot-Mounted 3D Scanners

Creaform Introduces Unique MetraSCAN-R Robot-Mounted 3D Scanners

Creaform has launched the MetraSCAN-R broadcast of robot-mounted plan CMM 3D scanners in favour of machine-controlled scan on and far-off the line.

The robot-mounted scanners crapper vet a encyclopedic radius of parts right away on the store level, thanks to the included TRUaccuracy bailiwick and extensile ascertainment capacity, the companions says.

“Here was a express dearth in the developed exertion on the side of error-free and dependable devices to implement machine-driven on- and off-line 3D recce processes on labyrinthine parts,” aforesaid Pants Francois Larue, spin-off chairman championing the MetraSCAN-R serial. “High-rate program manufacturing processes command speedy 3D measuring systems that stool study a piece and purvey a conformism prominence indoor a in character course spell. In support of us, it was perceptible that a scanning machine dull to boutique level circumstances was the method to pass.”

The scanners are offered in figure versions (70-R and 210-R) and organized on machine-driven and robotized scan applications specified as online checkup in bundle origination (equal to a some hundreds parts a daytime), online examination of parts ranging from 0.5 to 3 meters in magnitude, part-to-CAD investigation, trader fallout distinction review, accordance sorting of 3D models against first parts/preparation tooling or manufactured parts against originals.

The scanners are congenial with mechanical man KR5 Bow/KRC4 from KUKA and Metrologic’s X4 iRobot code solely. Efforts are unbroken to open out the span of accordant armaments and code.

As a service to writer advice, drop in on Creaform.

Sources: Push materials traditional from the companions and add-on knowledge gleaned from the assemblage’s site.

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