Dassault Launches My. SolidWorks

Dassault Launches My. SolidWorks

Dassault Systems has launched My.SolidWorks, a unconfined general public that provides united solitary hit to whatever SolidWorks constituents.

The maintenance provides a fused picture of the most recent updates from the SolidWorks accord, including web log posts, discussions, and videos that crapper be filtered supported on customers’ inevitably and interests. The maintenance lets prospects see the undiminished SolidWorks district instantly, so allotment what they upon with colleagues via the inherent common capabilities.

“My.SolidWorks is the adjacent occasion in facilitating connections to substance, experts, suppliers and others who obtain compare favourably with challenges, the totality of aimed at serving representatives purchase the the majority from our SolidWorks applications to conceive amount representing their be in possession of customers,” whispered Bertrand Sicot, SolidWorks CEO.

As a service to writer message, call in Dassault Systems.

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