DEM Solutions Releases Programme championing EDEM and CFD

DEM Solutions Releases Programme championing EDEM and CFDNext to DE Editors

DEM Solutions, a DE (unconnected fundamental) moulding code and services supplier, has introduced an EDEM CFD Connective Port that enables sex of EDEM with whatsoever trademarked, gaping beginning or in-house multi-phase computational solution kinetics (CFD) thinker to dissemble every inch conjugated particle-fluid surge at the particle-scale.

DEM Solutions already enabled the germaneness of conjugate DEM-CFD representation with the entry in 2006 of joined EDEM-Fluent model, employing a consecrate bi-directional connexion at intervals EDEM and Ansys Graceful code. The creative CFD Connecter Program extends that wherewithal to whatever CFD code with a multi-phase thinker. It enables situation of conjugate DEM-CFD solutions. The CFD Connection Port stool accession the practice atom holdings functions via the EDEM API, providing a substance of simulating some particle-fluid interaction including thrust, ardour and mound transmit.

In support of statesman data, come to see DEM Solutions.

Sources: Push materials normal from the comrades and affixed tidings gleaned from the companions’s site.

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