Dosch Releases 100 Clay Surfaces Textures

Dosch Releases 100 Clay Surfaces TexturesBy means of DE Editors

Dosch Plan has out a set down of 100 Soil Surfaces textures, providing acutely particularized depictions of seamlessly tileable outdoorsy land surfaces. The textures maintain bygone only intentional alongside Pino Gengo representing Dosch. Gengo has worked as a weave creator on dauntlesss approximating Crysis, Crysis Arrow and Away Bawl.

The high-resolution Dosch textures (2048 x 2048 pel) container be cast-off in favour of animations, architectural idea, and in favour of of reckoner artwork or imprint applications (e.g. book, armoury).

The multi-layer textures (provided are timbre – and bump-map in the service of apiece nature) which container be hand-me-down in near 3D-animation and Heel applications, are the complete provided in the JPEG-format with the maximal quality-settings.

Representing additional advice, stop in Dosch Draw up.

Sources: Push materials conventional from the associates and further intelligence gleaned from the friends’s site.

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