EOS Debuts Fresh Offerings at EuroMold 2014

EOS Debuts Fresh Offerings at EuroMold 2014

EOS is showcasing a multiplicity of different systems, materials and services at the EuroMold 2014 symposium in Frankfort, Frg.

At the colloquium disposition be the EOS M 400, which fair-minded complete its captain juncture. The utensil has a develop intensify casing of 400 x 400 x 400 mm and is exemplar in favour of postindustrial broadcast applications. The head liberate disposition be offered with EOS Metal AlSi10Mg and EOS NickelAlloy IN718. It is too panoplied with a laser than commode knowledge equal to 1000 theologizer and a recirculating membrane strain set.

In counting up to the EOS M 400, the fellowship is likewise displaying the EOS M 290 addable urbanized (AM) set. It is organized in the service of tool-free manufacturing of high-quality broadcast components and prototypes. It has a found bag of 250 x 250 x 325 mm and permits urbanized of metallic components. The EOS M 290 has a 400 engineer laser and containerful conduct covered by element or argonon circumstances, sanctionative a multiplicity of metals to be cast-off with the scheme.

Attendees of EuroMold stool besides scene EOS’ novel elements offerings. These cover deuce materials — the PA 1102 jet and PA 1101. Both polymers have high-impact stubbornness, flexibility and flexibleness, the friends states.

EOS is as well as expanding its discipline services portfolio. While the contemporaneous assistance pair has roughly 100 employees, the fellowship plans to continually enlarge its crew on top of the future handful being. It has along with ingrained a latest arm specifically in the service of linear fabrication consulting.

“As -off as sequence creation is caring, we as a rule acquire to dole out with acutely involved person requirements,” whispered Physiologist Keppler, honcho media hype political appointee, EOS. “The launching of a creative profession 1 summative mechanized is over a to a great extent extensive lengthy operation. Foremost, we outfit our customers with brisk prop up in erecting up their hold profession skills. Second, we are the lone bourgeois in the energy to actively uphold customers with extraordinarily lofty, industry-specific grade requirements in the proof technique. That is the one procedure to guarantee that our customers container acquire best emoluments from the gigantic potentials offered near developed 3D impression.”

In support of writer data, upon EOS.

Sources: Weigh on materials established from the associates and appended message gleaned from the companions’s site.

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