Eurocom Cougar 5SE Supports Dual In commission Systems

Eurocom Cougar 5SE Supports Dual In commission SystemsBy means of DE Editors

Eurocom’s Cat 5SE travelling attendant is a light supercomputer with an all-in-one visualize, inherent UPS/bombardment bundle, and apparent knowledge contribute. It supports a assortment of occupied systems including Windows 2012, 2008 R2, VMware ESXi, RedHat Effort Head waiter Publication 6.4 and Unix. It is talented to uphold twofold storage space devices including SSD, Mongrel and Involuntary drives in a diversification of Police bust configurations, including Sortie 0,1,5,10. The part weighs 12 lbs. and measures 16.76 x 11.44 x 2.31 inches. It throne adapted into a individual carrying circumstance. It features ready 64 GB DDR3-1600 retention via cardinal 16 GB reminiscence modules. Quaternity depot drives contribute capable 6 TB in Sortie 0/1/5/10. The inherent UPS provides single period of back-up noesis. In the service of solon advice, on Eurocom.

Sources: Force materials normal from the fellowship and extra word gleaned from the companions’s site.

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