Eurocom Launches M3 Notebook

Eurocom Launches M3 Notebook

Eurocom has launched the 13.3-in. M3 notebook motorized beside NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M art and fourth-generation Intel Essence i7 processors. The notebooks think about 4.4 lbs. are neutral 1.2-in. substantial.

The M3 includes 2 GB GDDR5 tribute and supports Optimus 2.0 subject. According to Eurocom, it provides cardinal hours of attack survival. It has a 13.3-in. jam-packed HD 1920×1080 adp air, and supports figure mSATA entrepot devices and solitary touchstone reposition move, in behalf of a amount of 1.96 TB of entrepot with Surprise attack wherewithal.

It is by way of a packed pen-mark of fourth-generation Intel Quintessence i7 processors utilizing the Intel HM87 Articulate Chipset, including: Intel Quintessence i7-4930MX with 4 cores and 8 clothes race at 3 Gigacycle with 8 MB L3 vault; Intel Pith i7-4900MQ; Intel Nucleus i7-4800MQ; and Intel Middle i7-4700MQ.

On supplementary facts, drop in on Eurocom.

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