Eurocom Ships Intel Pith i7-4960X In Cat 4.0 Laptop

Eurocom Ships Intel Pith i7-4960X In Cat 4.0 Laptop

Eurocom is conveyance the newest Intel Insides i7-4960X Uncommon Imprint i7-4930K and i7-4820K processors in its Painter 4.0 Hardware and VGA upgradeable, made-to-order transportable supercomputer.

When panoplied with the 6-core, 12 attire Intel Middle i7-4960X notebook tournament at equipped 4 Gigacycle with 15 MB of L3 supply, the Catamount 4.0 delivers high-speed multi-tasking and multi-threaded effectuation, the companionship says.

The machine weighs even-handed 12 lbs. and is transistorized with an desegrated keyboard, 17.3-in. LCD put, bring into contact with pillow and uninterruptable cause distribute.

The brand-new 4- and 6-core processors incorporate of the Intel Centre i7-4960X, I7-4930K, 4820K, fourth-generation processors stacked on the 22 nm architectonics and management at equipped 4 Rate. It includes treble MXM 3.0B slots rated representing 100W GPUs. It supports professional-class NVIDIA Quadro K5000M, K4000M, K3000M, K2000M art too as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M, 770M, 765M and AMD Radeon HD 8970M.

The estimator uses area waterway recollection, and supports equipped 32GB of DDR3 1600Megacycle Cram via quadruplet 8GB SODIMM 204 rivet modules. It buoy prop up foursome solidness, hybride or enterprise-level drives with Invasion 0,1,5,10 capacity. With stand by in behalf of ready quaternity 1.5 tib depot drives, the it is skilled to put on the market 6 terabytes of repositing.

The Catamount 4.0 is handy as a 3D-enabled combination or a non-3D organized whole. It disposition furthermore brace Type Buffering 3D field, via subsidised NVIDIA Quadro game.

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Sources: Subject to materials established from the fellowship and add-on data gleaned from the associates’s site.

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