Eurocom Ships Neptune 4W Expressive Workstation

Eurocom Ships Neptune 4W Expressive Workstation

Eurocom House. has launched the Neptune 4W, which it describes as a practised status, fully-upgradeable non-stationary workstation. The arrangement has NVIDIA Quadro art, an Intel Middle i7 workstation (equipped Intel Centre i7- 4940MX C.p.u. Exceptional), 32GB recollection and equal to 6.5TB of storage space. In a reciprocal notice, Eurocom as well declared the handiness of the 1TB Hitachi Travelstar Z5K1000 hard-disk impel (HDD) as non-compulsory paraphernalia representing its diagonal of high-performance laptops and transportable workstations.

The Neptune 4W veteran gradation transportable workstation from Eurocom commode be accoutered with NVIDIA Quadro art, set Intel Middle i7- 4940MX Central processing unit Noteworthy, 32GB recollection and operational 6.5TB store. Portrait courteousness of Eurocom Firm.

The Neptune 4W offers VGA artwork upgradeability with its Transportable PCI Put into words Unit (MXM) 3.0b join in support of NVIDIA K5100M, K3100M, K2100M or K1100M art accelerators. It along with pot be ready with AMD R2-290X art. It has a 17.3-in. felt or burnished demonstrate with towering length and compare to stock up optimized likeness trait. The Neptune 4W supports 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in service systems too as Ubuntu Unix.

Engineers crapper compute to 6.5TB of Sortie reposition by way of threesome criterion luggage compartment move bays and figure mSATA (diminutive Sequent Ahead Knowledge Fastening) solidness drives (SSDs). The workstation has trinity USB 3.0 ports and individual USB 2.0, a DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI gone away from and a FireWire 400 hollow.

The support of the Neptune 4W experienced degree unfixed workstation is delineated. Simulacrum respectfulness of Eurocom House.

The Neptune 4W has an lighted backlit keyboard with digit user-customizable colours. In behalf of safe keeping, the Neptune 4W has ternion asylum layers, including the Kensington Clasp Depression and a Confidence Party line Section (TPM). Entity dimensions are almost 16.56 x 11.44 x 10 in. (414 x 286 x 25.3 mm), and the Neptune 4W weighs 9 lbs. (4.1 kg).

“Eurocom formulated the Neptune 4W, the 4th fathering of workstations in the service of professionals that wish for lone structure to grip their unrestricted workload,” aforementioned Nick Bialic, president, Eurocom in a exert pressure announcement. “The Neptune 4W is tough sufficient and conjunctive with a great 17.3-in. exhibit throne take over from your screen, as transportable sufficiency to clutch approximately anyplace.”

According to Eurocom, the firm, two-disk Hitachi 1TB Travelstar Z5K1000 propel is the diligence’s quickest 7.0 mm HDD. The comrades adds that the push additionally offers the energy’s maximal operative numb at 400G/2ms and non-operating stun at 1000G/1ms and that the Travelstar delivers a almost mute performance at 2.1 inactive/2.2 quest after decibels.

The 1TB Travelstar Z5K1000 hard-disk recourse in support of Eurocom’s mark of upgradeable laptops and unstationary workstations is assumed to purvey healthy in commission and non-operating paralyse bulwark and calm working. Portrait politeness of Eurocom House.

Eurocom reports that the self-encrypting Travelstar is adaptable with its bursting diagonal of RAID-capable SSDs, mSATA and adjacent days construction component M.2 drives. It has a 26% slimmer z-height compared to a match for drives of its extent, weighs solely 95 grams (3.3 oz.) and is armored with 1 observations cryptography from HGST. Divers complex specifications in the service of the 1TB Travelstar Z5K1000 cover forward-looking form, 512-byte emulation; 6Gb/s SATA port; dual-stage actuator (DSA) pursuit authority over in behalf of higher copy body; 5400 Rev whirl velocity; 600,000 burden/disburden cycles; and a 32MB information buff.

Pricing in behalf of the Neptune 4W begins at $1,799.

To discover statesman round the Neptune 4W able rank expressive workstation, pop in Eurocom.

Cheque the specifications as a service to the Neptune 4W unfixed workstation.

Behold reason DE’s Editors select the Neptune 4W skilled degree non-stationary workstation from Eurocom as their Criticize of the Period.

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