Eurocom Uno 3.0 All-in-One PC

Eurocom Uno 3.0 All-in-One PC

Eurocom is ship its original Uno 3.0 All-One-PC with a 21.5-in. multi-touch set forth and an mixed ring package that is full optimized in favour of boldness computation.

“The Eurocom Uno 3.0 pc is paragon as a service to a inclusive sweep of commercialized applications,” supposed Blemish Bialic, Eurocom presidency. “With the inordinateness of connectivity ports, multi-touch program, intrinsical ring, TPM 1.2 and VESA increase, the Uno 3.0 desire adapted purely into whatsoever workspace.”

The personal computer is organized especially representing corporal customers. It has an mainstreamed attack knapsack, which provides support cognition in state of electric default, at the same time as besides allowing in behalf of straightforward moving externally collapse. Meanwhile examination in Eurocom laboratories the Uno 3.0 achieved 70 record on fire quality solo previously power failure.

The unsegregated Confidence Rostrum Faculty 1.2 guards that word similar to keys, countersign and digital certificates stored are prefabricated added cosy from code attacks and somatic shoplifting. Accoutred with a VESA couple, it stool be mounted on tables, walls, desks, or health carts.

With an Intel HM61 chipset and LGA 1155 socket, the Uno 3.0 supports Intel Vine Link, i7 37xxS and i5 35xxS programme processors including Intel Gist i7-3770S meet at capable 3.90 Gigacycle with 8 MB stockpile.

Representing supplementary tidings, upon Eurocom.

Sources: Thrust materials normal from the friends and affixed intelligence gleaned from the companions’s site.

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