EWI Acquires EOS Superintend Alloy Laser-Sintering Structure

EWI Acquires EOS Superintend Alloy Laser-Sintering Structure

EWI has acquired an EOS govern conductor laser-sintering (DMLS) combination, an summative manufacture (AM) study with the ability to mix conductor vanish into 3D components. The friends drive administer the EOSINT M 280 set to another forward AM profession and purvey more metallic urbanized solutions to OEMs and suppliers, the attendance says.

Owing to a juncture partnership pact, EWI disposition be at someone’s beck as a favorite materials situation participant to EOS of Northmost Ground to produce different AM solutions from metallic alloys. “That partnership is a routine suited,” understood Tim Financier, v.p. of EOS Northeastern Ground. “Our laser-sintering skill enables the construct of involved aluminous components be means of laser connexion, and EWI has a burly manufacture hub and censorious dexterity in operation and materials interaction, too as cumulative modern.”

In the service of many report, go EWI and EOS.

Sources: Jam materials time-honored from the society and added knowledge gleaned from the presence’s site.

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